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Reach your dietary goals with the support of a Registered Dietitian. Dietitians can provide general care or focus on specific practice areas. You can find diabetic Dietitians, weight-inclusive Dietitians, and Dietitians for weight loss, heart health, eating disorders, sports nutrition, and much more by browsing through the Dietitian Directory.

Dietitians have a wide range of tools, strategies, and philosophies when working with clients. You’ll move more quickly on your journey by picking the Dietitian that best suits you and your goals.

Take time to look at Dietitian profiles and websites, review their philosophies, and pick a Dietitian you think will be a good match for your values, beliefs, and lifestyle.

Why Do I Need a Dietitian to Help Me?

Working with a Dietitian will help you reach your nutrition goals efficiently. There is lots of nutrition noise out there: diet books, YouTube videos, articles, fad diets, etc. Dietitians use their scientific backgrounds and professional training to cut through the noise and offer personalized solutions that give you the biggest bang for your buck.

A Dietitian will get to know you, understand your current health, assess your nutrition status, help you clarify your goals, and create a personalized program based on the latest science. Dietitians offer support and accountability because behavior change is often tough work. This approach produces better health results more efficiently.

Enhance Your Health Today

Feel the energizing impact of a healthy eating pattern today. Search through our listing of dietary services provided by our Registered Dietitians to see which ones are the best fit for you:

What a Dietitian Can Do for You

Stay committed to your health practices with the aid of a Registered Dietitian. Your Dietitian will help you focus your dietary goals for maximum impact, supporting and encouraging you every step of the way.

A Dietitian can help you by:

  1. Understanding your eating habits and your health
  2. Providing you with information on the latest food and nutrition science you need to make choices that are aligned with your goals
  3. Answering your questions about food and nutrition
  4. Providing you with encouragement and support
  5. Acting as an accountability partner

Why Choose the Dietitian Directory?

Dietitian Directory connects you with Dietitians located across North America. Our Dietitians are skilled in a wide variety of practice areas. At Dietitian Directory, we also verify our members as registered/licensed professionals. Whether you reside in Canada or the USA, or you have diabetes or struggle with emotional eating, we can connect you with a professional Dietitian who can help.

If you’re ready to take control of your dietary health, find a Registered Dietitian near you today.