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Heart Health

Eating well can improve the quality of your life. But that doesn’t mean you have to eat foods that taste like cardboard to maintain a healthy heart. Working with a Registered Dietitian can help you find a healthy eating pattern that pleases your taste buds and your heart. A heart-healthy diet is packed full of antioxidant-rich, nutrient-dense foods like bright coloured vegetables, berries, whole grains, fish, nuts, seeds, dairy and plant-based oils, to nourish the body to optimal health.

What you need to know before choosing a Dietitian:

Consider your relationship with food and your body and contact a Dietitian who aligns with your values (i.e. weight-inclusive approach, weight neutral, weight-loss focused, etc.). This is an important decision that should support your personal goals and deeply held beliefs.

Our Registered Dietitians tagged in this section can help you address risk factors for cardiovascular disease and assist you in maintaining a healthy heart through a variety of foods.

What to expect when working with a Dietitian:

Dietitians who see clients with cardiovascular concerns can suggest fresh, healthy, and satisfying foods that also keep blood fats and blood pressure on target. They can help you get inspired with healthy food that not only tastes good, but also fits into your budget, skills, time, and resources.

Practicing Dietitians: