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Weight-Inclusive Approach

There is no doubt that weight-based stigma, bias, and discrimination are common. An experience of this stigma keeps many people from seeking support from medical professionals such as Dietitians because of fear of judgment and shame. This not only negatively affects physical health but also mental health.

What you need to know before choosing a Dietitian:

Social justice work is integral to nutrition and wellness. Many Dietitians have done their own work learning their bias related to weight. These Dietitians strive to make advocacy of weight-inclusive health services part of their practice as well as providing a safe space within their appointments. They hold space for their clients to talk about their experiences with weight stigma and weight bias and feel supported.

If you are seeking a weight-inclusive approach to nutrition, review the Dietitians in this section which hold these values, look at their profiles and websites, review their philosophies, and pick a Dietitian you think will be a good match for your own values and beliefs.

What to expect when working with a Dietitian:

A weight-inclusive Dietitian will focus on your overall health and wellness, not on weight. You’ll be guided on things  such as connecting to internal hunger/ fullness cues, ditching the diet mentality, gentle nutrition, enjoying satisfying meals, and learning about medical nutrition management where the recommendations are based on research and not societal weight expectations.

Practicing Dietitians: