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Over the past year I estimate I have made about $13,000 in sales from clients referred to by the Dietitian Directory. It has allowed me to see more clients, because I am not spending so much time marketing, and it allows me to spend more time with my family.

Shee lillejord 150x150

Shee Lillejord, RD

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Between January 2021- Mar 2022, I’ve made over $10,000 in revenue from clients generated by the Dietitian Directory. It’s opened up more options in my career, I couldn’t have done this without the Dietitian Directory.

Dayna Zarn

Dayna Zarn, RD

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I’ve earned back my yearly investment with just one new client. In fact, in the first 6 month I made over $2300 in sales through the connections I made using the Dietitian Directory. The membership has paid for itself in so many ways. It’s my 24/7 marketing...

Ruth Anne

Ruth Anne Crowle, RD

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