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Weight Loss

You may be surprised to know that there is more to weight loss than “eat less and move more”.  Many people think that losing weight requires you to step on the scale every day. However, most Dietitians don’t focus on weight as much as healthy behaviours. Dietitians have a wide range of tools, strategies, and philosophies when it comes to working with clients and their weight.

There are many paths forward with weight.

You’ll move more quickly in your journey by picking the eating philosophy that best suits you and your goals.

Emotional Eating – Best for people who find their emotions drive their food choices.

Mindful Eating – Best for people who are affected by their environmental cues rather than physical cues (i.e. eating while watching TV or eating in front of the fridge).

Intuitive Eating – Best for people who want to get off the yo-yo diet treadmill and listen to their body’s desire to eat healthy.

Weight Loss – Best for people who are looking to focus on weight loss or weight management by changing their eating patterns.

Weight-Inclusive Approach – Best for people who want to focus on overall health and wellness, not on weight, and feel free from the stigma of diet culture.

Note: Mindful eating, intuitive eating, and weight-inclusive approach are not specifically diet or weight-loss focused, but might still be the right choice for people looking for weight loss.

Below you’ll learn more about working with Dietitians that focus on weight loss and weight management.

What you need to know before choosing a Dietitian:

Some Dietitians focus on weight loss as a primary goal, while others practice a weight-neutral approach focused more on healthy eating behaviors. Take a look at the Dietitians in this section, look at their profiles and websites, review their philosophies, and pick a Dietitian you think will be a good match for your values and beliefs. When choosing a Dietitian, look for experts who are Certified Bariatric Educators or have additional training in weight management.

What to expect when working with a Dietitian:

Dietitians working in this area are knowledgeable about the many factors that influence weight. You’ll be learning as much about the neurobiology of weight regulation, how hormones impact your weight, your body’s natural cycles, your personal health history, and your relationship with food as you will about what to eat. Dietitians will work with your history to focus on what foods to eat and combine to invite weight loss. That’s because there are many factors that influence weight. A Dietitian will work within your genetic makeup, your unique personal health history, and your lifestyle to help you design an eating pattern that works for where you are.

Practicing Dietitians: