Case Study: Dayna Zarn, RD

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“Dietitian Directory is the missing component of our entire profession.”

Dayna Zarn is a Dietitian who works with clients to optimize energy, attain a healthy weight, reduce inflammation and improve quality of life and longevity. She has been a member of the Dietitian Directory since January 2021.

Dayna Zarn describes her experience with Dietitian Directory below, and shares why you should consider joining us inside the only online directory run by and for Registered Dietitians in Canada and the USA.

You can discover more information about Dayna Zarn on her website or inside the Dietitian Directory.

Market More Effectively with Dietitian Directory

“Before the Dietitian Directory, marketing for me was only word of mouth. I didn’t have an instagram account, I only had a website – but without a method to direct traffic towards it. It was honestly me going to my yoga studio, and creating authentic connections and generating interest.”

“I didn’t have the time or knowledge to attack the daunting task of advertising. I have so many good ideas that I want to bring to the world, but not being able to market and advertise effectively has always been my blockade. Now 75% of my clients find me online with the Dietitian Directory.”

Market More Efficiently with Dietitian Directory

“It takes only 10 minutes to set up a profile, and the profile allows me to explain the services I offer clearly and concisely, so that the clients who do find me are likely a great fit. 95% of clients who contact me with the Dietitian Directory turn into clients. The one client who didn’t fit with what I offered, I was able to refer them back to the Dietitian Directory so they could find a better fit.”

Market More Constantly with Dietitian Directory

“By Dietitian Directory using students to help with social media marketing and advertising it allows me to have more time for working one on one with clients, which is my favorite part of the job. I love the opportunity to write blog posts for the Dietitian Directory. It’s encouraging to create a blog post when it is more likely to be read.”

Market More Affordably with Dietitian Directory

“Between January 2021- Mar 2022, I’ve made over $10,000 in revenue from clients generated by the Dietitian Directory. It’s opened up more options in my career, I couldn’t have done this without the Dietitian Directory.”

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