Case Study: Ruth Anne Crowle, RD – Mental Health Dietitian

Ruth Anne

Ruth Anne Crowle is a Mental Health Dietitian using evidence-based nutrition strategies to help people feel better with food. She takes an integrated lifestyle approach that gives clients a roadmap to lasting health. She has been a member of the Dietitian Directory since April 2021.

Ruth Anne describes her experience with Dietitian Directory below, and shares why you should consider joining us inside the only online directory run by and for Registered Dietitians in Canada.

Market More Effectively with Dietitian Directory

“Before the Dietitian Directory, I didn’t know how to connect the dots between all the marketing opportunities. I posted on Instagram, had a listing on Google Maps, and was networking as much as I could to find clients that weren’t always a good fit.”

“Now, clients find me online. Between Instagram and Dietitian Directory, I consistently connect with the right people who are a match for the work that I specialize in, so I’m not spending time on the phone with people fielding questions from potential clients  who would be better served by another professional.”

Market More Efficiently with Dietitian Directory

“Not only does Dietitian Directory reduce the number of steps it takes for people to book a call with me, but because they are already familiar with my background and specialty, they are more likely to become a client. I am closing probably 70-80% of the people who contact me through my Dietitian Directory profile.”

Market More Effortlessly with Dietitian Directory

“One of the things I love most about the Dietitian Directory is how it helps people understand the importance of working with a Registered Dietitian in the area in which they are struggling.  With access to so many qualified professionals with expertise in specialized fields, the Directory offers the perfect solution to visitors’ needs. Plus, they get helpful tips, basic nutrition advice, and evidence-based articles from the blog to feel confident in their decision to work with a Registered Dietitian.”

Market More Constantly with Dietitian Directory

“For me, being a part of the Dietitian Directory is a no-brainer. Because this site is for people looking for Dietitians specifically, you’re more likely to get someone ready to invest in the help they need. With the Dietitian Directory, you can select which categories you want to be listed under, which means you are getting people who are pre-qualifying themselves for your specialty. No more discovery calls with potential clients who aren’t a good fit.”

Market More Affordably with Dietitian Directory

“I’ve earned back my yearly investment with just one new client. In fact, in the first 6 month I made over $2300 in sales through the connections I made using the Dietitian Directory. The membership has paid for itself in so many ways. It’s my 24/7 marketing machine that saves me time, money, and effort so I can focus on what I love doing most—helping people improve their mental health through healthy food choices.”

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