Business Story: Jessica Williams, Registered Dietitian, Sports Nutritionist, Strength Coach

by Lindsey McGregor, RD
Jessica Williams, Registered Dietitian

Jessica Williams, Registered Dietitian runs Nutri-Kin and helps triathletes improve their performance and body composition by reducing the confusion and overwhelm when it comes to nutrition and strength training. She has been doing triathlons herself for over 10 years and shares her experiences to help others avoid the same mistakes she has made.

Explain your experience as a Registered Dietitian and how you use it to help clients.

I enjoy showing triathletes what and how much they need to eat to support their performance and body composition goals. I always take into account clients’ lifestyles, training, and food preferences when making nutrition suggestions. I provide the reasons behind those suggestions so that clients understand why they are made and can continue to eat well even after they have graduated from working with her.

Explain what sets you apart as a Registered Dietitian.

Before I became a Registered Dietitian, I struggled with bonking, upset stomach, and low energy during training and races. Despite all her training, I struggled to improve my race times. I combine my previous and current experiences with knowledge of sports nutrition to relate with triathlete clients and help them feel and perform their best in training and on race day.

  • Practice Area: Sports Nutrition
  • Location: Strathmore, Alberta, Canada
  • Business Name:  Nutri-Kin
  • Email:
  • Website Link:
  • Link to Instagram page:

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