Top Male Private Practice Dietitians in Canada

by Nichole Olivieri
Male Private Practice Dietitians in Canada

On your journey to health with Dietitians, have you ever noticed that there are way fewer male Dietitians than female Dietitians?

You are not wrong, among our elite Dietitians, only 10% of them are male Dietitians! Crazy, right? This is why finding a male Dietitian in a female-dominated profession may seem challenging sometimes.

But don’t you worry, we truly understand that people are sometimes more comfortable with a healthcare professional of the same gender. In fact, we’ve done the work for you to narrow down the search! Here are the top 5 male Dietitians that are totally kicking it in their field.

On to the Top Male Private Practice Dietitians in Canada


Brandon Gruber, BSc, RD, Registered Dietitian at Revive Wellness Inc and My Viva Inc.

Brandon Gruber, BSc, RD, Registered Dietitian at Revive Wellness Inc and My Viva Inc.
Brandon Gruber, BSc, RD

As a passionate Dietitian, Brandon loves helping his clients understand the connection between their nutrition and physical and mental health. He wishes to educate his clients on how their diets and performances are interrelated. As a male Dietitian, he shares and understands the unique diet needs specific to the client’s gender, so he works closely with his clients to meet their unique nutrition needs and help them thrive.

For example, he works with people to help them understand what healthy eating is, and also what they can do to improve their exercise performance. Most importantly, Brandon supports clients who are athletes, vegetarian or vegan, who have ADHD and so many more beyond these 3 categories. It may be easier for male athletes to relate to a male Dietitian, and so Brandon is working hard to help his clients achieve their goals and reach success.

It is also important to note that Brandon lets the client define their path and boundaries instead of him doing that for them. He believes in self-empowerment and he wishes to build confidence within his clients.

For more behind the scenes of Brandon as an RD follow his Instagram, and learn more about what he does at Revive Wellness and My Viva.


James Bayne, RD, CSEP-CPT Owner of ELEVATE Nutrition + Wellness

James Bayne, RD, CSEP-CPT Own
James Bayne, RD, CSEP-CPT Own

At ELEVATE, James strives to enhance the quality of life of his client. As a male Dietitian who is an expert in sports nutrition, he is passionate about encouraging his clients to take up physical activities. He wants to empower the creation of healthy food relationships so that his clients are on track for a healthy life.

The work James does is unique. He is the first Registered Dietitian and CSEP-CPT  in Saskatoon to offer individualized nutrition counselling and structured exercise programming. And he is one of the best male Dietitians in the field as he has been serving his clients for a long time.


Maxime Banville, RD, MSc, PhD candidate. Owner of Maxime Banville Nutrition. Specializing in Healthy Eating.

Maxime Banville, RD, MSc, PhD candidate. Owner of Maxime Banville Nutrition. Specializing in Healthy Eating
Maxime Banville, RD, MSc

Maxime is a proud Dietitian member of the Ordre professionnel des diététistes du Québec (OPDQ) and the College of Dietitians of Ontario (CDO).

As a male Dietitian, Maxime also offers his expertise in weight management, healthy eating, and cardiovascular and renal diseases. Uniquely, as a male private practice Dietitian, he offers more than just support and cares to his clients. He is also proficient in French, being a bilingualist allows him to serve clients from different backgrounds. Moreover, he is passionate about providing updated information and uses recent research to serve his clients.

Besides his work as a successful male Dietitian, he is also a lecturer at two universities. He focuses on eating problems and autism disorders. Also, he is knowledgeable in helping clients with intellectual disabilities.

Discover more about Maxime and his life as a Dietitian and lecturer on Maxime’s website.


Andy De Santis, RD, MPH, Owner of AndytheRD

Andy De Santis, RD, MPH, Owner of AndytheRD
Andy De Santis, RD, MPH

Located in Toronto, Andy is so much more than just an esteemed male Registered Dietitian. He is also a published author who is passionate about helping his clients to reach their health goals. Also, Andy is qualified in the diabetic-related field with his previous training in the area. He is best known for blending his sense of humour when helping his clients to make the treatment enjoyable. He truly knows the hardships and struggles on the journey to health!

Through his years as a male Dietitian, he has helped hundreds of his clients in living their lives to the fullest. He is also active in different media and talks.

Learn more about Andy’s work by visiting his Facebook page and Instagram page!

Terence Boateng, MHSc, RD, CSEP-CEP. Owner of CS Nutrition.

Terence Boateng, MHSc, RD, CSEP-CEP. Owner of CS Nutrition
Terence Boateng, MHSc, RD

Terence is a male private practice Registered Dietitian and nutritionist in Toronto. He focuses on developing relationships with his clients. He wishes to equip his clients with the ability and knowledge to maximize their health. Terence believes in the power of collaborative interventions to support his clients. He understands the fluidity of nutrition hence Terence is flexible in his treatment approaches. Moreover, he is keen on empowering his clients to help them achieve their goals.

Besides his role as a male Dietitian, he is also a certified exercise physiologist. Hence, combining the two he specializes in providing nutrition counselling for athletic body composition, and combat sports. He offers recommendations to help his clients attain their training goals.

Moreover, as a competing combat athlete himself, Terence uses emerging nutrition research to fuel his exercise needs. Ultimately, his goal is to help the clients to feel stronger and better.

Be sure to check out Terence’s Instagram for more inspiration and empowerment!

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About the author: Nichole Olivieri is a student at the University of Alberta currently studying to become a Dietitian. This article is edited by Trinity Tang, a senior dietetics student studying at New York University.