12 of the Best Family Restaurants in Edmonton

by Deana Levasseur and Jen House
Best Family Restaurants in Edmonton

We took the liberty of tracking down 12 local kid-friendly, family restaurants in Edmonton that not only cater to kids but also offer healthy options for your little ones without breaking the budget.

Supporting local restaurants and businesses is important now more than ever! But finding a place to eat with your family can be a challenge.

The search for restaurants that offer healthy, affordable, kid-approved options is a struggle for many Edmontonian families.

There’s nothing worse than sitting down at a restaurant to find out that it doesn’t have a kid’s menu! Or if it does have a kid’s menu, but the only option is chicken fingers and fries, again. And when the bill comes you realize that those chicken fingers and fries are the same prices as your adult meal….

Family Restaurants in Edmonton
Family Restaurants in Edmonton

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes has been open since 1985 and has three locations in Edmonton. At $4.99 for a kid’s meal, their price is one to beat when on the hunt for the best family restaurants in Edmonton!

They provide five different kids’ meal options, one of which is grilled cheese which can be served on whole wheat bread with real cheddar cheese.

This may be served with house salad, or celery and carrot stick with ranch dip making a great healthy choice for your little one.

Drinks for kids are an additional charge if ordering something other than water but milk is a healthy option for a $2.00 up-charge.

Easy Order: Grilled cheese on whole wheat bread with celery and carrot sticks with ranch dip and water.

Press’d Sandwich Shop

With six locations in Edmonton, Press’d Sandwich Shops are a great place to stop for lunch with your little one!

For kids, they offer a sandwich, drink, and dessert for $4.99. Healthy bread options for the sandwiches include whole wheat and rye and a healthy dessert option is apple sauce.

If you’re looking for a simple, reliable lunch spot for adults and children alike, Press’d might be the spot for you.

They also offer a school lunch program which can make for a great special lunch day option for your child’s whole class!

Easy Order: Turkey and cheddar cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread with water and apple sauce. 

Ripe Tomato Pizza

Ripe Tomato Pizza bar is a great affordable option for the whole family with built-your-own pizzas for adults and kids!

This pizza lover’s paradise offers kids meals for $5.50 which feature a 6” two-topping pizza or a small pasta.

With more than 11 healthy topping options such as tomatoes, peppers, and chicken, this restaurant is a great option for getting a good deal and getting some nutrient-rich ingredients on fun food like pizza.

As a bonus, on Tuesdays Ripe Tomato Pizza offers one free 6” two-topping pizza with the purchase of a 9” or 12” pizza.

Easy Order: 6” chicken and mushroom pizza with juice and chips.

Kids pasta with tomato vegetable sauce
Kids pasta with tomato vegetable sauce

Pasta Pantry

An evening at Pasta Pantry is a great way to get an Italian food craving fixed without breaking the bank. They offer affordable mealtime options for adults and kids.

Pasta pantry offers all-you-can-eat kid’s pasta for $5.50. Their tomato vegetable sauce is kid-approved and another great meal option for getting those picky eaters to enjoy some vegetables with their dinner!

Easy Order: Kids pasta with tomato vegetable sauce.

Blue Plate Diner

The Blue Plate Diner is an Edmonton family restaurant located in the heart of downtown.

With prices ranging from $6.50-9.50, The Blue Plate Diner provides some affordable options for families while doing some downtown dining.

They provide five different kids’ meal options, which include a kid’s veggie burger featuring a beet-based burger. A perfect way to get some vegetables into a picky eaters’ diet.

They also offer a kid’s grilled cheese which is served on multigrain bread.

These kid-friendly healthy options are bound to make some kids and parents happy they dined at the Blue Plate Diner!

Easy Order: Kids veggie burger with fries and ketchup.

Love Pizza

Love Pizza is great for pizza lovers of all ages! With their Kids Cut Meal for $6.95, kids get to enjoy a half-size pizza with as many toppings as they like, a drink and a treat.

With over 13 different vegetable toppings available as well as many others, Love Pizza may make loving vegetables an easy task. On Sundays, kids eat for free when you buy a regular-size pizza.

Easy Order: Kids’ half-size pizza with spinach, pulled chicken, and roasted corn. 

Match Eatery & Public House

Match is located in the new downtown arena, Rogers Place, and is a great place to stop with your kids whether you’re doing some shopping or catching an Oilers game.

For $8 kids get to choose between six different kids’ meals which can include choices such as milk for a drink as well as green salad or carrots and celery with dip for a side.

Easy Order: Chicken and cheese quesadilla with carrots and celery with dip and milk. 

White Spot

This pirate-themed kids menu is bound to get your little mates excited about dinner time! White Spot takes pride in serving locally sourced veggies and fresh meat from BC farmers ensuring quality ingredients for your little one.

The White Spot offers 6 different kids’ meal options for $8.99 which includes one endless side dish, a drink a main, and a dessert. Some of these mains include a 100% Canadian beef burger, a veggie burger and a grilled cheese made with Canadian cheddar cheese and can be served on multigrain bread.

Healthy choices for sides include veggies and dip, grapes, apple slices, caesar salad, and steamed broccoli or carrots, and remember these are all endless so you don’t have to say no to your little one asking for more fruits or vegetables!

Easy Order: Grilled cheese on multigrain bread with steamed broccoli, milk, and ice cream. 


Since 1989 Brewsters seem to be the go-to spot to grab an outstanding beer in Alberta. Nowadays Brewsters is not only for adults but kids too! This family-friendly restaurant in Edmonton offers 8 different kid’s meals to choose from for $9.99.

No matter what your little one likes at that moment, Brewsters will have a meal for them. They offer a kid’s chicken caesar salad with garlic bread as a great healthy option for kids. If your kiddo opts for a meal that includes a side, apple slices are a healthy option and a great way to get in a serving of fruit while eating out.

Easy Order: Kids chicken caesar salad with garlic bread. 

Delux Burger Bar

Delux Burger Bar offers quality meals made with fresh ingredients. These include angus beef from Fire River Farms which ensures their beef has zero additives or fillers. They offer three different kids meals for $10 which include mini-burgers using their quality angus beef.

As a bonus, on Mondays kids eat for free all day long with the purchase of an adult meal.

Easy Order: Mini burgers.

Nomiya Japanese Restaurant

Nomiya is one of the few Japanese restaurants in Edmonton that caters specifically to your little ones by offering kids bento boxes. For $10.95 kids get to choose between four different bento boxes which include a main, side, maki and nigiri sushi.

There are options for little sushi lovers and as well as those “not so adventurous” eaters. One of the options includes the veggie tempura kids bento. Now you might be thinking, “tempura just means deep-fried”, and yes this is true. However, tempura vegetables are a great way to sneak in vegetables for those picky eaters.

Sides include salmon maki which is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, for your child’s developing brain. But if your little one is not yet a fan of raw fish (or is under 4 years old), kappa maki (cucumber rolls), avocado maki are great healthy options as well.

Nomiya is a great option for parents wanting to expose their children to different cultures’ foods.

Easy Order: Veggie tempura kids bento with kappa maki (cucumber rolls), california nigiri sushi, and rice. 

Harts Table and Bar

Home is where the Hart is! Harts Table and Bar provides a great “Young @ Harts” menu for little ones.

At $12 a meal, the price is on the higher end of the list, however, on Sundays kids eat for free from 4pm-close. With 5 kids menu options, this child-friendly restaurant has something for every little one. A healthy option for kids when dining at Harts is the grilled chicken breast with steamed veggies.

Easy Order: Grilled chicken breast with steamed veggies.

Authors: Deana Levasseur, Dietitian student, and Jen House, RD.

About the authors: Deana Levasseur, Dietitian student at the University of Alberta, and Jen House, RD. Jen House owns her own company First Step Nutrition which is located in Calgary specializing in paediatrics.

To find out more about Jen House click here.