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Emily Maus

Verified registered dietitian. Our team has personally checked the credentials of this dietitian.

Idaho Falls, Idaho


I am a registered dietitian in women’s hormone health nutrition who provides medical nutrition therapy via telehealth. I support women in healing hormone imbalances by identifying your root cause and addressing nutrition and lifestyle factors with science backed and sustainable changes for your now body. Are ready to have more energy, consistent and pain free periods, improved insulin sensitivity, PMS free menstrual cycles, & reliable ovulation? You do not have to live with annoying or painful symptoms in your body. You deserve to live a life where you feel radiant in your health.

I have experience working with clients to improve insulin resistance, PCOS symptoms, menstrual cycles, disordered eating, pregnancy, postpartum & breastfeeding hormone balance. I currently offer a personalized 4 month Whole Body Hormone Healing Program that includes 1:1 nutrition counseling, goal setting, strategy, and functional lab testing as needed.

Feeling nervous about change? I have been there! Making health changes can feel overwhelming. I operate from an intuitive eating and sustainable approach. Together we will work to find simple changes, while maintaining or getting to a healthy relationship with food and your body. Have questions? Feel free to schedule a free 15 minute discovery call!

Education and Credentials

  • RDN
  • LD
  • CLE

Insurance / Direct Billing

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Practice Areas

  • Diabetes
  • Emotional Eating
  • Intuitive Eating
  • Mindful Eating
  • Other
  • PCOS
  • Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

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