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Becky Bell, MS, RDN, CLT

Verified registered dietitian. Our team has personally checked the credentials of this dietitian.

Arvada, Colorado


Rooted Nutrition Therapies is a functional nutrition practice that is here to help you restore your metabolism, lose weight, and ditch dieting for good.

If you’ve tried counting calories, points, or carbs and still haven’t seen lasting results, it’s time for a new approach.

The diet industry has gotten it wrong. For years you’ve been told to just move more and eat less. But what if you could lose weight by revving up your metabolism instead of slashing calories and spending hours at the gym?

You don’t have to feel hangry or deprived in order to lose weight and you don’t have to miss out on social events and making memories with your family in order to achieve your health goals.

I’ll help you nourish your body and fuel your metabolism so you can finally achieve your healthiest weight without all the counting, restriction, and food guilt.

My method is created to help you:

  • Lose body fat without a restrictive diet
  • Improve digestion and balance your hormones
  • Heal your relationship with food and your body
  • Develop a sustainable way of eating that leaves you feeling nourished and satisfied
  • Get your energy back so you can be fully present for your family
  • Crush your sugar cravings so that you can finally feel in control around food
  • Enjoy eating out, traveling, and family memories without any food stress or regret


One-on-one nutrition coaching

Group nutrition coaching

Functional lab testing to get to the root of weight loss resistance


All services are provided via telehealth in the comfort of your own home.

Education and Credentials

  • Registered Dietitian
  • Master of Science in Nutrition
  • Trained in Integrative and Functional Nutrition
  • Certified LEAP Therapist

Practice Areas

  • Digestive Health
  • Weight Loss

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