Why We Don’t ‘Do’ Weight Loss at Ignite Nutrition

by Andrea Hardy
Weight Loss

1/3 of people are said to be on a diet at any given time. So why hasn’t everyone lost weight and kept it off? This post covers the research of why we don’t prescribe diets in our practice.

At Ignite, we take a ‘Health At Every Size Approach’. It often surprises people when we say that we don’t focus on weight! After all, that is often what initially has people wanting to work with a Dietitian.

Diet culture is the culture of placing value on being a certain size or weight, moralizes thinness and healthy eating, and draws the assumption that to be thin is to be healthy. These beliefs are often engrained in who we are and many times, we have never questioned them.

In our popular post, Why we can’t help you with weight loss – our Registered Dietitian Andrea Hardy discusses the science of why diets do more harm than good, and how Dietitians can help you pursue health regardless of weight! Read more here.