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Julia Stanislavskaia

Verified registered dietitian. Our team has personally checked the credentials of this dietitian.

Innisfil, Ontario


I have worked as a registered dietitian in the Toronto community for over ten years providing nutrition counselling and education for individuals, families and groups. I have counselled thousands of peoples on a wide variety of health issues from food sensitivities, allergies, and eating disorders to weight management and heart health, among many others. I also spend a lot of time training and educating dietetic students. I work as a contract lecturer at Ryerson University and act as preceptor for future dietitians.

My main areas of expertise include digestive diseases, infant feeding and childhood nutrition, eating disorders in children and adults, mental health, weight management, nutrient deficiencies and vegetarian and vegan diets. I do have extensive experience in assessing complex patients with multiple conditions and issues.

Often the problems listed above co-exist in one person and I pride myself in being able to address and prioritize health goals, while focusing on the individual as a whole rather than just one issue.

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